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This site originated from the authors company philosophy, which is to share the discoveries they make as to what is genuinely the best method for them to treat their own bodies.

Spirulina World has been provided by Evolutionary Health.Org Ltd as an informational service for those wishing to further educate themselves on Spirulina and Also to Promote the GO Green Brand of Organic Spirulina. The site is based on the research, testing and the authors opinion. It is not meant as a substitute for medical advise.

Evolutionary Health.Org Spirulina carries the AgiriQuality Ltd Certified Organic Spirulina Seal of approval .

Go Green Spirulina meets the New Organic Standard for nitrogen inputs in to Microalgae products, which comes into effect in October 2005 (Only 20% Chilean Nitrate is allow under the new standard.*) which applies to all organic spirulina products from October 2005. In 2006 Go Green Spirulina will be one of the few spirulina products in the world which is Chilean Nitrate FREE

Key Company Contacts

Allan Hall

Allan Hall
Evolutionary LT D

Allan has found that spirulina helps him recover a lot faster from the many activities he participates in.

He finds that spirulina it a great food for on the run, it provides the building blocks for recovery from a physical and busy lifestyle.

Shane Stockwell
General Manager Evolutionary LT D

Shane has been taking 25- 35 grams of Spirulina daily for the last 5 years and is a firm advocate to the benefits of spirulina. After using the product for many years he could not do with out it, as it complements a heavy work and training schedule.

He finds it helps him to recover quickly from a heavy training, as well as giving him energy to run a busy company.

Keryn Williams
Company Accountant
Keryn is the company accountant & manages all financial aspects of the business. Banana Spirulina Smoothies are her favourite.

Al, & Shane -"We genuinely believe that Evolutionary Health.Org Spirulina is among the top products in the world as a concentrated food source. We wish to share the great benefits of the discoveries we have made as to how awesome "the green" is as a food and nutritional supplement. Where else can you get such a great natural protein source and concentrated food with out a animal or diary base?"

If you would like more information on Evolutionary Ltd Please visit our website

* If you wonder why your current supplier is no longer able to supply you organic spirulina next year this may have something to do with it. It is very expensive to produce without this product.

It has not been acceptable under IFOAM Standards ( IFOAM Does not certify aquaculture products )in agriculture since 1999 as it has the same effect as many synthetic fertilizers. NOP recommend in 2002 that this change must occur in the organic spirulina and is now being implemented this year.