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Why Certified Organic spirulina ?

Spirulina Farm
Spirulina Farm

Information on the New Organic Standard for Spirulina Aquaculture
Comming into effect October 2005

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Certified Organic Spirulina is definitly the best way to go. This allows you to have confidence that the spirulina has been independent accessed to identify that it is safe, wholesome and free of pollutants along with being produced to a certified quality standard. Ensure that the organic certification comes from a Reputable Organic Organisation.

What is organic

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Why Certifed Organic ?

Humans create toxic waste, spill oil in the oceans, fill the air with acid rain and car exhaust and dump herbicides and pesticides into the soil. Unfortunately, this story of destroying our planet is still unfolding, and we are all its authors. There's no question that lives will be much poorer if conventional farming continues to pollute water, changing historic landscapes into arable deserts, reducing the ozone layer for the sake of a few more strawberries and allowing the return of diseases that modern society believed it had beaten. For healthy human race with happy prospects and for sake of our planet, choose organic food.

Ensures no Pesticides are used
'Pesticides'. People simply don't understand how dangerous they are, most of the commonly used manmade pesticides are potential carcinogens…some of them are related to nerve gases and all of them are poisonous. They have to be — they are designed to kill. But what we don't know is what the accumulation of potent pesticide residues do to us. Studies suggest that low-level exposure to pesticides over several years can cause health problems. The health effects of pesticides in our food and the environment are slowly becoming clear; immune suppression, hormone disruption, neurological damage,birth defects, cancer and nerve damage.

Pesticide-related illnesses among farm workers who handle these toxics are well documented. Immediate problems include lung and eye irritation, nausea and short-term nerve damage. Long-term risks include cancer and Lou Gehrig's disease. Whilst adults are well advised to avoid the chemical cocktail cited above, babies and young children are in a far more vulnerable position. Babies eat up to five times as much food per kg of body weight compared to adults, and they eat far more fruits and vegetables — the very foods most likely to contain agrichemical residues. Their central nervous system, kidneys, liver and immune system are immature, and unable to excrete these contaminants efficiently.

As if pesticides in our food were not enough, we are forced to ingest food additives. Have you ever wondered what is added to food before it is packaged? Or, have you ever found yourself perplexed by words like tocopherol, propionic acid, or carrageenan on a food label?
Food additives are defined as substances that are added to food during processing, but are not normally consumed by themselves as foods. But the larger question is why do food companies use additives in any amounts? And, why should we purchase foods that contain these additives if there is even the slightest health risk? Since artificial colours aren't necessary to preserve the food or enhance food safety and quality, (and may cause medical problems in some people) it's best to do without this particular type of additive.
The seven thousand artificial additives permitted in non-organic foods are used to make food last beyond its natural sell-by date, make it appear brighter or more colourful, and/or taste sweeter, saltier or just plain better than the manufacturer could manage without these crutches. At best, these additives are unnecessary and annoying to those who question their use and usefulness. At worst, they are possible carcinogens and could be causing damage that no one has bothered to study.

Our organic certification is provided by AsureQuality Limited.

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AsureQuality are Australasia's independent experts for food safety and biosecurity, AsureQuality is the most accredited supplier of food safety auditing in the Southern Hemisphere. This assures AsureQuality certified organic product meets and exceed the demands of decerning organic customers the world over.

The AsureQuality Organic Brand Stands for Integrity and Trust and is a guarantee that products have been produced in accordance with the AsureQuality standard. This Standard ensures that you can have confidence that the product is wholesome and free of contaminants, along with being produced to an International quality standard.