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Spirulina business distribution opportunity

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Spirulina Farm

A great opportunity exists for distributors to take on a ground floor Health Business Opportunity.for the Evolutionary Health Range of Products.

Feel confident in distributing health product that is environmentally friendly, works and meets very high standards. Standards are an integral part of everyday life and play a vital role in promoting quality, safety, and efficiency in a whole range of activities. If there were no standards, we would soon notice, as they are critical in preventing the entry of cheap or even toxic sub-standard products into the market. Standards make a positive difference, not just to manufacturers, but also to society as a whole and are essential for the improvement of the human health and safety.

Spirulina Ponds

The quality and safety of our products with combined with excellent services offered, simply cannot be ignored when we are dealing with the most import aspect in your life and your customers life their health.

Evolutionary Health.Org the capacity to supply 120 -180 ton of Certified Organic Spirulina per Annum. Our products will meet the New Organic Standard for nitrogen inputs into Spirulina which will come into effect in October 2005 (Only 20% Chilean Nitrate is allow under the new standard.* Our product will be one of the only products in the world which is Chilean Nitrate FREE) which applies to all organic spirulina coming into effect in October 2005.

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