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Spirulina product distribution opportunity

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Spirulina is a great opportunity and we are currently looking for companies with existing distribution channels to stock the Evolutionary Health. Org / Go Green Brand of Spirulina: This is a great opportunity for distributors to take on a ground floor business opportunity for a world class Certified Organic Spirulina , as people from around the world over begin to realise the great health benefits of Spirulina.

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Our organic certification is provided by AsureQuality Limited.

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AsureQuality Ltd are Australasia's independent experts for food safety and biosecurity, AsureQuality is the most accredited supplier of food safety auditing in the Southern Hemisphere. This assures AsureQuality certified organic product meets and exceed the demands of decerning organic customers the world over.

The AsureQuality Organic Brand Stands for Integrity and Trust and is a guarantee that products have been produced in accordance with the AsureQuality standard. This Standard ensures that you can have confidence that the product is wholesome and free of contaminants, along with being produced to an International quality standard.

Our Spirulina in comes in 3 main variants, powder, tablets and capsules. We can custom pack different size units and manufacture 200 or 500 mg tablets

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