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Spirulina Farm
Spirulina Farm

Because of its amazing benefits, some people may think Spirulina has been 'tampered with' or manufactured by science. Not so. Scientists discovered that this photosynthetic life form was designed by nature 3-4 billion years ago, the very catalyst that enabled higher life forms to evolve by producing the oxygen needed in the Earth's atmosphere. This microscopic algae has successfully survived and renewed itself ever since it was formed. In a way, we are descendants of this amazing life form. Within its cellular makeup Spirulina contained everything that life needed to grow and evolve. So it is no surprise why many people regard Spirulina as the worlds greatest 'super food'.
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As a human food, Spirulina has appeared at different periods in human history. It was a food of the ancient Aztecs of Mexico and has been eaten for centuries by the Kanembu people of Central Africa near Chad. It was used in parts of South East Asia over one thousand years ago in soups, spreads and sauces.

A survey of historical literature reveals 25 separate cases of freshwater algae been collected and eaten in 15 different countries so it is well tested and trusted by many different cultures.

This everlasting life form has renewed itself for billions of years. In the past 20 years it has reintroduced itself to western society, who, with their generally poor diet, definitely need it. It takes on the form of a perfect spiral Spirulina and harvests sunlight more efficiently than most other plant life. Consuming the green is the closest thing you will get to consuming the direct energy from the sun. Through history, this incredible plant has nourished millions of people around this world. Today, health aware people all over the world consume Spirulina. People are starting to realise that Spirulina, nature's longest living food, has a lot to offer them.