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We know that vitamins and minerals are vital in maintaining healthy bodily systems. However, we are also aware that our foods are providing less of what we need due to overprocessing and certain farming techniques.

There are many supplements and multivitamins available so it can be confusing to know what is best.


One thing we can rely on is that nutrients from a plant source will be far superior than those from a laboratory produced, synthetic product.

The human body needs certain ratios of specific nutrients in order to function properly and efficiently. Our bodies can be thrown out of sync by one nutrient deficiency. Most vitamins and minerals need a specific combination and ratio of other vitamins and minerals for effective metabolic reaction.

The vitamin and mineral molecules in foods are attached to proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Our body recognises all of these as fuel. Unfortunately, most supplements are synthetically engineered combinations of only isolated vitamins and minerals. The labels of these supplements may claim the consumer will receive their daily requirements if they take the recommended dosage. However, many of these nutrients are not bound to anything so may have an entirely different chemical structure than those found in foods. This also means they may have a different effect on the body.

It is well known that some nutrients, such as calcium and iron, are not well absorbed. Complex factors that aid absorption may be missing in lab formulated supplements.

Studies have shown that the nutrients delivered by Spirulina are better digested and absorbed that any synthetic supplement.

Spirulina offers functional nutrients and phytochemicals as well as new frontiers for disease prevention research. Medical research is now identifying the foods that enhance our immune system. These research organizations are probing the globe for diverse new foods and plants to extract life enhancing goodness including cancer preventing compounds. Spirulina is at the forefront of the nutritional revolution.