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Spirulina Tablets are protein packed at over 65%.
Our Organic and Premium Spirulina tablets are filled with nutrients which help aid in a healthy immune system. You need this to defend, clean and maintain the body in optimum health. Buy Spirulina

Often termed as "Natures Perfect Food" 3-10 grams a day of the green as a nutritional supplement delivers impressive amounts of vitamin B12, B complex, iron, essential trace minerals, beta carotene and gamma-linolenic acid. Beyond vitamins and minerals, spirulina is a super antioxidant.

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The reason for making a Spirulina Tablet is to provide a known quantity of Spirulina in a controlled way that can be used by the body. When making a tablet the bottom line is Bio availability. Which is the ability of the body to use the raw ingredients that it provides. If a tablet does not dissolve or disintegrate the body is unable to use it. So it must be compressed to the correct pressure, otherwise it cannot be used by the body efficently.

Pilr of Organic Spirulina tablets

Evolutionary Health .Org Has a simple objective to make quality Tablets and maintain that quality, tablet after tablet, day in and day out.

This takes skill, care and understanding. One of the most important factors is the quality and uniformity of the powder; it must be of high quality and flow evenly and consistently, the tablet presses measure powder volume to achieve the correct tablet weight, so therefore volume control is critical. Moisture content, particule size and bulk density are monitored closely.

There are various methods used to make spirulina tablets. Direct compression is used for 100% Organic Spirulina. Which means there is nothing else added by way of binders and fillers. Centrifugal force and the correct number of rotations on the tableting machine bind the tablets naturally

organic spirulina tablets procedure

The method used for non-organic Spirulina tablets is wet blending with direct compression.

Firstly the powder is mixed with water, then dried on a fluid bed drier.
A minimal amount of silica is the blended with the raw ingredient. Then the mixture is processed in a tableting press.
Tablet flow chart

Getting the correct compression is one of the most important aspects of tableting. The tablet presses must be maintained, die tables & die sockets are constantly monitored to ensure excellent surface condition. This is critical to the success of producing a consistent quality tablet.

Continuous tablet testing is done on the production floor, for weight, thickness, hardness, friability, disintegration and dissolution. These tests are carried out on a regular schedule. A slight variation within the range is expected within a batch and from batch to batch, maintaining target values is the key to success.

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